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History of italo disco

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Maby cann be interesting for somone.....
Italo disco

Italo disco is a musical marketing term introduced in 1983 by Bernhard Mikulski, the founder of ZYX Music. The term applied to Italian electronic dance music of the 1980s and to music from other parts of Europe and from North America that imitated the sound thereof. A typical Italo-disco song had contrasting verse-chorus form, had synthesizer based accompaniment and was usually sung in English by European artists.


Origins, 1978-1985

Electronic dance music started to develop in the late 1970s when traditional sounding disco bands began to experiment with synthesizers and other electronic effects. This early form of electronic dance music is unofficially called "space disco" due to its odd sounds and sci-fi stylings. One of the main influences during this period was the producer Giorgio Moroder, as well as the cynical styles of such electropop acts as Telex, Devo, and Gary Numan, and the early Hi-NRG albums released by San Francisco producer Patrick Cowley with such singers as Sylvester and Paul Parker.

By 1982, Italo appeared as a fully developed form in Italy and other parts of Europe, with artists releasing completely electronic songs using drum machines and other equipment. Synthpop, New Wave and the New Romantic genres were the foundations for Italo taking off, as these became very popular around the world at this same time during the early 1980s. Typical songs were simple, with catchy melodies, and were often sung using vocoders and overdubs. Much of the genre featured love-song lyrics sung in English with heavy Italian accents. English was more often than not the artists' second language, creating lyrics that were often considered to be almost nonsensical. Along with love, italo disco themes deal with robots and space, sometimes combining all three in songs including "Robot is Systematic" (1982) by 'Lectric Workers and "Spacer Woman"(1983) by Charlie.

1982 and 1983 saw the releases of the irony-laden "Dirty Talk," "Wonderful," and "The M.B.O. Theme," three track cited as influential in the development of house, by Klein & M.B.O., a side-project developed by Davide Piatto of the Italo disco duo N.O.I.A., with vocals by Piatto and Rosanna Casale.

Many see 1983 as the height of Italo, with frequent hit singles and many labels starting up around this time. Such labels included American Disco, Crash, Merak, Sensation, and X-Energy. The popular label Disco Magic released more than thirty singles within the year. It was also the year that the term italo disco was reputedly coined by Bernhard Mikulski, the founder of ZYX Music (Germany), when ZYX released their first volume of "The Best of Italo Disco" series.

Derivative styles, 1982-1989

During the late 1980s Italo began fading away and some groups moved into the Hi-NRG genre, which combined high-paced Italo and house. This style is evident in the productions of such artists as Divine, Roni Griffith, Tony Caso, and the Flirts, all of whom were produced by Bobby Orlando, as well as many Stock Aitken Waterman, notably those of Sinitta, Stacey Q, Samantha Fox, and Dead or Alive.

Canada, particularly Quebec, produced several remarkable Italo disco acts, including Trans X ("Living on Video"), Lime ("Angel Eyes"), Pluton & the Humanoids ("World Invaders"), and Purple Flash Orchestra ("We Can Make It").

In Germany, a style of Italo disco known as Discofox developed. It was characterized by an emphasis on melody, exaggerated overproduction, and a more earnest approach to the themes of love; examples may be found in the works of Modern Talking, Fancy, Bad Boys Blue, Joy, and Lian Ross.

Also during the mid-1980s spacesynth developed as a sub-genre of italo. This style of Italo was mostly instrumental and focused more on space sounds than the earlier pop-oriented songs, as exemplified by the sounds of Koto, Proxyon, Rofo, Cyber People, Hipnosis, and Laserdance.

Revival, 1993- (Electro)

Italo disco developed a cult following in the early 1990s, and electro releases in 1993 by I-F, in 1998 by Legowelt and Tobias Bernstrup, and in 2000 by Jeans Team, Bangkok Impact, and Hong Kong Counterfeit were among those that fuelled renewed interest. I-F's 2001 Italo-cum-electro mix Mixed Up in the Hague was equally important to the reintroduction of the genre.

As of 2005 several online radio stations stream the genre and underground clubs are playing the records widely again. Its renewed popularity is inspiring re-releases and new mixes on many of the record labels that released the genre initially. ZYX records has released many new CD mixes since 2000. Labels like Panama Records and Radius Records have gone through great lengths to find the original artists of obscure italo tracks for re-release on vinyl.

The German group I-Robots has released several mixes incorporating obscure Italo disco tracks, and in 2006 released a German-language cover of Charlie's "Spacer Woman" called "Spacer Frau."

Italo disco artists

Some popular artists and their hit songs include:

* Albert One - "Turbo Diesel", "For Your Love"
* Alexander Robotnick - '"Probl?mes d'Amour"
* Atrium - "Weekend"
* Axodry - "You"
* Azoto - "Exalt Exalt", "San Salvador"
* Baltimora - " Tarzan Boy"
* Blocksystem - "Don't Leave Me
* Boland, Hugh - "Alisand"
* Bruce & Bongo - "Geil"
* Canton - "Sleepwalking", "Please Don't Stay"
* Carrara - "Shine on Dance", "Fuerza Major", "Disco King", 'SOS Bandido'
* Coo Coo (Max Coo & Steve Coo) - "Upside Down", "All I Need Is Love", "Boogie Woogie Dancer"
* Cyber People - "Void Vision", "Polaris", "Digital Signal Professor"
* Den Harrow - "Don't Break My Heart", "Bad Boy", "Future Brain", "Charleston", "Catch the Fox'", "Mad Desire"
* Denise & Baby's Gang - "Disco Maniac"
* Desireless - "Voyage, Voyage", "John", "Star"
* Dharma - "Plastic Doll"
* Diana Est - "Tenax", "Le Louvre"
* Doctor's Cat - "Feel the Drive", "Gee Whiz", "Watch Out!"
* Edyta - "ABC Letters of Love", "Be Slave of My Heart", "Come Back", '"Losing My Religion"
* Tony Esposito - "Papa Chico", "Kalimba de Luna", "As to As"
* Fabrizio Simoncioni - "Susy Oh", "Hello?"
* Fake - "Frogs in Spain", "Donna Rouge"
* Fancy - "Bolero", "Lady of ice", "Fools cry"
* Finzy Kontini - "Cha Cha Cha"
* Fun Fun - "Happy Station", "Colour My Love"
* Gazebo - "I Like Chopin", "Masterpiece", "Lunatic", "Telephone Mama"
* Gay Cat Park - "I'm a Vocoder"
* Hipnosis - "Pulstar"
* Italian Boys - "Midnight Girl"
* Iv?n - "Fotonovela"
* Joe Yellow - "Take My Heart", "Lover to Lover"
* Kano- "Another Life"
* Klein & M.B.O. - "Dirty Talk", "The Big Apple", "The MBO Theme", "Wonderful"
* Koto - "Visitors", "Jabdah", "Chinese Revenge"
* Ken Laszlo - "Hey Hey Guy", "Tonight", "Mary Ann", "Don't Cry"
* Laserdance - "Humanoid Invasion", "Laserdance", "Shotgun (In the Night)"
* Laura Branigan - "Gloria", "Self Control"
* Lime - "Angel Eyes", "Babe, We're Gonna Love Tonight", "Unexpected Lovers"
* 'Lectric Workers - "Robot Is Systematic", "The Garden"
* Malcolm & the Bad Girls - "Shoot Me"
* Martinelli - "Cinderella"
* Meccano - "Activeate My Heart", "Down Down Romeo"
* Michael Bedford - "More Than a Kiss", "Tonight"
* Miko Mission - "How Old Are You?"
* Mr. Flagio - "Take a Chance"
* My Mine - "Hypnotic Tango"
* N.O.I.A. - "Stranger in a Strangeland", "Looking for Love"
* Novecento - "Movin' On", "Why me", "Excessive Love", "It's So Easy"
* One System - "Life Is Very Short"
* P. Lion - "Happy Children", "Dream"
* Pet Shop Boys - "Paninaro", "Love Comes Quickly"
* Phaeax - "Talk About"
* Raf - "Self Control"
* Ris - "Love and Music"
* Stopp - "I'm Hungry / Caramba Mix","Wake Up"
* Silver Pozzoli - "Around My Dream"
* Linda Jo Rizzo - "You're My First, You're My Last"
* Primadonna - "Angel You"
* Q - "The Voice of Q"
* Radiorama - "Desire", "Aliens", "Fire"
* Righeira - "Vamos a la playa","No Tengo Dinero"
* Ryan Paris - "Dolce Vita"
* Sabrina - "Boys", "Sexy Girl", "My Chico"
* Sandy Marton - "People from Ibiza", "Camel by Camel", "Exotic and Erotic"
* Savage - "Don't Cry Tonight", "Only You", "A Love Again", "Fugitive"
* Spagna - "Easy Lady", "Call me", "Every Girl and Boy"
* Scotch - "Disco Band", "Take Me Up", "Mirage", "Man to Man", "Penguin's Invasion", "Plus Plus", "Money Runner"
* Shreeve, Mark - "Legion"
* Styloo - "Pretty Face"
* Taffy - "I Love My Radio", "Once More"
* Tom Hooker - "Looking for Love"
* Topo & Roby - "Under the Ice"
* Tracy Spencer - "Run to Me"
* Trans X - "Living on Video", "Message on the Radio", "Digital World"
* The Twins - "Love System"
* Valerie Dore - "The Night", "Get Closer", "Lancelot"
* Via Verdi - "Diamond"
* Wish Key - "Orient Express", "Last Summer"

Contemporary artists influenced by Italo Disco:

* Pet Shop Boys


In 1983 the term Italo Disco was heard for the first time. The German record company of BERNHARD MIKULSKI published their first double album of the serie "Best of Italo Disco". They invented the word "Italo". Of course "Italo" is known in the meaning of "coming from Italy". But the MIKULSKI-company created that first combined term - Italo Disco.


But more previous than the year 1983 there was already Italo Disco made. The difference is it wasn't called that way. It was just discomusic out of Italy. In the late 70's we already saw some names of producers and composers at record-labels, we know from the Italo-scene of some years after that. Let's start with the prehistory of Italo Disco: In the summer of 1978 La Bionda had a smash hit all over the world "One For You, One For Me". La Bionda produced several Italo Disco songs in the 80's. Righeira is the most successfull example. But also Aida Cooper "Stand Back" and Robert Bravo "Love Me Like I Do" were produced by La Bionda. Even in a song like "One For You, One For Me" you can already hear the Italian melodies.


One year later Jacques Fred Petrus recorded his first disco hits "Walking On Music", "Fire Night Dance" by the Peter Jacques Band, "I'm A Man" by Macho and "Music Man" by Revanche.

Mauro Malavasi was always involved. Tantra released a song called "Hills Of Katmandu" that year. A product of Celso Valli; in the 80's he produced a lot of IBIZA RECORDS-productions. "Give Me A Break" by Vivien Vee Banana Records was a smash discoteque hit in the States and Europe.

Persons involved on this product were Claudio Simonetti and Giancarlo Meo. "San Salvador" and "Soft Emotion" by Azoto are also releases of 1979. It was released on VEDETTE RECORDS and the producer was Celso Valli.


In 1980 Harry Thuman had a commercial hit with "Underwater" Baby Records. Often this song was used as a radio-tune. It is an instrumental one. Claudio Simonetti and Giancarlo Meo released a song called "Capricorn". The song was a hit in the United States. On the most famous label, DISCO MAGIC, a song called "Flood" was released by Delanua.

'1981 - '1982:

That first period was an important base for the years that brought us the great music we now call Italo Disco. IL DISC started after some licensed productions with real Italo productions. 1982 is the year the sound we all love was created. To give some examples:

Masterpiece - GAZEBO (Baby / Best)
Tenax - DIANA EST (Dischi Ricordi)
Robot Is Systematic - 'LECTRIC WORKERS (Disco Magic)
The Garden - 'LECTRIC WORKERS (Disco Magic)
How Many Fill - DELANUA (Disco Magic)
Hookey - SYLVI FOSTER (Disco Magic)
You Are A Danger - GARY LOW (Il Disc)
Tequila - BO' BOSS (Il Disc)


The best Italo-year ever, was 1983. DISCO MAGIC released more than thirty 12"-es. A lot of record-labels started their production in that particular year: AMERICAN DISCO, BABALU, CRASH, CRUISIN, FLY, HISS, HOLE, ITALIAN, MANY, MEMORY, MERAK, OUT, SENSATION, TANGA, THICK and X-ENERGY.

1983 was also the summer of "Dolce Vita" by Ryan Paris (Disco Magic 117) and "Vamos A La Playa" by Righeira (CGD 15091). The Italo-virus spread as holidaymakers brought that summerhits back home. There was no way back. Italo had conquered a lot of European countries. More songs were released and became hits. Not only in Italy, but also over the frontiers; "I Like Chopin" and "Love in your eyes" by Gazebo, "Happy Children" by P. Lion, "I Want You" by Gary Low, "Somebody" by Video, "Happy Station" by Fun Fun, "Hypnotic Tango" by My Mine, "The Night" by Valerie Dore ...


In 1984 the story continues. Another large number of labels were released. The most important ones are BLOW UP, FDT, GONG, IBIZA, KEEPON MUSIK and RAM. A lof of starting labels first made covers, but with Italo style:

Bette Davis Eyes - CHINA TOWN (Crash 005, 1983)
Dance Hall Days - MAQUILLAGE (Crash 015, 1984)
Incantations - G.A.N.G. (Disco Magic 121, 1983)
T.S.O.P. - PHILADELPHIA (Disco Magic 132, 1983)
Starman - LOOPSIDE (FDT 001, 1983)
Souvenir - SAXOPHONE (FDT 009, 1984)
Stay - MARX & SPENCER (Hole 20127, 1983)
Tequila - BO' BOSS (Il Disc 1003, 1982)
Waiting For A Train - MOONBASE (Il Disc 1007, 1983)
Flash - FLASHBACK BAND (Il Disc 1010, 1983)
Souvenir - NICKY & NICKY (Lombardoni 003, 1985)
Do It Again - CLUBHOUSE (Many 501, 1983)
Superstition/Good Times - CLUBHOUSE (Many 503, 1983)
Standback - AIDA COOPER (Many 504, 1983)
Pulstar - HIPNOSIS (Memory 002, 1983)
You Should Be Dancin' - SKY CRACKERS (Memory 004, 1983)
Get Back - COCKROACH (Out 3001, 1983)
Popcorn - MAGIC MEN (Out 3003, 1983)
Big In Japan/Relax - THE COVER BAND (Sensation 8002, 1984)
Susanna - THE CONTROL BAND (Sidet 101, 1985)
Life Is Life - STARGO (Stargo 8502, 1985)
Ali Shuffle - CAMARO'S GANG (Superradio 7005, 1984)
If You Leave Me Now - SHIRLEY ROSS (Tanga 002, 1983)
I've Got The Music In Me - YVONNE KAY (X-Energy 12005, 1983)
Africa - KEY OF DREAMS (Zanza 0113, 1983)

In the Italo-scene, for real Italo-freaks, record-labels are very important. Some Italo-lovers do collect particular records just to complete their catalogue of a label. If the record is good or bad does not make any difference. Some even know the label-codes.

In the schedule below It's writen the start of the most important labels:


American Disco Babalu Crash Cruisin' D.I.D. Fly Music Hiss
Hole Italian Many Memory Merak Out Pongo
Proto Sensation Squish Tanga Thick Trash X-Energy


American Ariston Music Atlantide Blow Up
FDT Gong Good Vibes Ibiza
Keepon Musik RAM Renaissance Third Label


Academy Lombardoni Publ. Market Moon Ray Peecker Melody
Platonic Love Plexy Glass Ra-Re Sidet Time


B.M.S. Chapulin Digital Esquire
Flea Industry Media Power


Game Over Limited Edition One Radiorama Technology Unipress Viva


Asia Black Bird Expanded Macho Twist Again


Downtown Euroenergy High Energy Lunatic

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History of Valerie Dore

Real Name: Monica Stucchi

Stucchi was born on May 28th, 1962 in Monte Carlo (Monaco). Her first single "The Night" was released ,in 1984. This track fast reached the high ranking among European Hit Charts. Second single "Get Closer" was released ,in 1985. Similar to her first one also "Get Closer" became a continental European success. Her style found the name and was called "Romantic Dance" and by others SLEAZY-ENERGY. Monica's recording her records with the pseudonyms Valerie Dore. In the end of the year her third single "It's So Easy" was released. In 1986 her single "Lancelot" reached 36 position in Germany. Her first album "The Legend" was released ,in 1986 too. The music for this album was written by Marco Tansinsi and lyrics by Simona Zanini. In 1987 she's got the problems with her producer Roberto Gasparini arised. He introduced plans for new Valerie's album. She did not like his idea to shift toward POP/HOUSE style, because it wasn't exactly the direction Stucchi was heading. In London she met Ralph Ruppert, a German producer. The man responsible for her huge success in Germany. Her remaining problems with previous producer Roberto Gasparini have impact on her career ,in 1988. Contracts with Radio and TV were terminated. She married her new producer and manager Mauro Zavalli whom she was dating since 1986. In 1991she spent whole 7 months in Madagascar. Her dream was to release an album with a group from this country. Releases: The Night (Merak Musik 1984) The Night - Remix (High Fashion 1984) Get Closer (Merak Musik 1985) It's So Easy(Merak Music1985) It's So Easy To Get Closer In The Night Megamix (ZYX 1985) Bow And Arrow (Merak Music1985) The Wizard (Merak Music 1985) The Magic Rain (Merak Music 1985) Guinnevere (Merak Music 1985) King Arthur (Merak Music 1986) Lancelot ( Merak Music1986) King Arthur/The Battle (EMI Italiana 86) The Sword Inside The Heart (1986) The End Of The Story (1986) On The Run (1986) The Legend (LP) (EMI Italiana 1986) Wrong Direction (EMI Italiana 1988) The Best Of (LP) (ZYX 1992) The Night '95 (1995)

History of Silver Pozzoli

Real Name: Silvio Pozzoli

Info: Silver Pozzoli was one of the gold artists of Italo Dance. Apart from his own production he's got guest performance with group called Club House, with whom he made some dance and italo-house records: "I'm a man medley Yeke Yeke" was one of those records, in 1987. Releases: Around my dream - (1984) Step by step - (1985) Mad Desire - (He put the voice on this hit of Den Harrow,in 1985) Around my dream-remix - (1986) Silver (LP) - (1986) From you to me - (1986) Pretty baby - (1987) Chica boom - (1987) Cross my heart - (Many Records, 1987) Take my heart - (1987) Let me be your love - (1988) - co written with David Lyme and releases under name Silver Love is the best - (TIME Records, 1988) With or without you - (1992) Don't forget me - (ZYX, 1994)

History of Silent Circle

Real Name: Martin Tychsen, Juergen Behrens, Axel Breitung and Harald Shaefer (replaced Axel B. in, 1996)

Pop-trio Silent Circle already exists since 1976. It was 22 years ago when keyboardist and composer Axel B. and vocalist Jo Jo Tyson won the first prize at newcomers festival. But though their first experience was so promising, their ways divorced and Axel B. with drummer CC Behrens stopped their performances. Then all three of them lost each other from their sight. In their mid 20s they met again and decided it's time for their common band to rise from the ashes. Silent Circle were born. Their first single "Hide away - Man is comin'!" impressed the watchers of "Show & Co. mit Carlo". It was followed by the whole bunch of yet more successful hits: "Touch in the Night" (presented at popular TV show "Formel Eins"), "Stop the Rain in the Night", "Love is just a Word" and "Time for Love"! Meanwhile the whole album "No. 1" was released under Blow Up label of Intercord company which included eleven songs. Six people contributed to their composition, and the album came out perfect - no one song was like any other, still they all had that specific mood which distinguished Silent Circle from all other bands of 80's. Meanwhile Harald Shaefer replaced Axel Breitung at public performances, and band's founder and head devoted himself totally to writing and producing new songs. Silent Circle re-recorded once again "Love is just a Word", it got excellent rhythm and totally new guitar sound. In total seven songs from first album were released on 7" and 12" singles in different versions. After incredibly fruitful first year Silent Circle slowed down their hit conveyer gradually to everybody's regret. Bernd Dietrich and Engelbert Simons wrote two more songs for them in 1987. They were released already on Teldec singles, but new contract resulted in no albums. 1988 brought no new songs. The hope for return of Silent Circle appeared in the next year when two more singles with four new songs were published by Coconut. Among them was one of good songs: "I Am Your Believer" (released later, also by Bad Boys Blue in album "Game Of Love" in 1990) and two versions of song: "Forget The Stranger". Martin's version is good, but it looks like Bad Boys Blue won the rase and kept on releasing one album after another while "What A Shame" remained the last song by Silent Circle during the next four years... The long awaited comeback took place in May of 1993 when young recording company from Dresden Fun Music Promotion re-released on CD four versions of their most succesful hit "Touch In The Night", 8 years after this song had entered various charts for several months. It was followed by Hit-Mix 93 ("Touch In The Night ", "Stop The Rain In The Night", "Moonlight Affair") which was performed in TV program "Stop & Go". Album "Best of Silent Circle - Volume II" also appeared in May, its contents was almost identical to "No.1" - there were Hit-Mix and instrumental version of "Hide Away" added plus four songs were given in alternative versions. Shortly after that Axel and Martin composed the first new Silent Circle song in five years - "2night". Four remixes were published on CD-single, and one more version appeared on the next album "Back!" It had definitely much different sound compared to "No.1". "Back!" forwarned the future trends of Eurodance music - it had in 1994 lots of those rhythms we found later on DJ Bobo albums which is no wonder 'cause many of Bobo's songs are written by Axel Breitung too. Since 1994 we did not see more than one CD-single release every year with other songs from the last album: "Every Move, Every Touch" (original in 1994 and remixed in 1995) and (promotional only) "Egyptian Eyes" with "Take The Chance" and "Desire" in 1996. Only in, 1998 they released the new album: "Stories 'bout Love" with completelly new hits, such as: "Like An Ocean" and "Night Train". Singles: Hide Away-Man Is Comin'! - (Blow Up, 1985) Touch In The Night - (Blow Up, 1985) Stop The Rain - (Blow Up, 1986) Love Is Just A Word - (Blow Up, 1986) Time For Love - (Blow Up, 1986) Danger Danger - (TELDEC, 1987) Oh, Don't Lose Your Heart Tonight - (TELDEC, 1987) I Am Your Believer/Forget The Stranger (in 2 versions) - (Coconut, 1989) What A Shame - (Coconut, 1989) Touch In The Night - (Dusty Records, 1993) 2night - (Dusty Records, 1993) Every Move, Every Touch - (Dusty Records, 1994) DJ Special Megamix - (Dusty Records, 1994) Every Move, Every Touch - Remix - (Dancing Shoes, 1995) Egyptian Eyes - (Dusty Records (Promo), 1996) One More Night - (AW Music, 1998) Touch In The Night '98 - (ZYX Records, 1998) Night Train - (1999) Albums: No.1 - (Blow Up, 1986) Best of - (Blow Records, 1991) Best of Vol.II - (Dusty Records, 1993) Back! - (Dusty Records, 1994) Back II - (Fun Music Media, 1997) Best of Vol.III - (Fun Music Media, 1998) Stories 'bout Love - (AW Music, 1998)

History of Scotch

Real Name: Vince Lancini and Franz Felleti

Scotch is one of the most popular bands of Italodisco. They released singles with hits such as: "Disco Band", "Take Me Up", "Mirage" and "Delirio Mind". All the songs were sung by Vince Lancini, and produced by Walter Verdi and Davide Zambelli. Releases: Penguins' Invasion (vocal version) - (American Disco, 1983) Penguins' Invasion (instr. version) - (American Disco, 1983) Disco Band - (American Disco, 1984) Disco Band (Remix) - (American Disco, 1984) Take Me Up - (American Disco, 1985) Man In The Man - (American Disco, 1985) Delirio Mind - (American Disco, 1985) Amor Por Victoria - (???) Loving Is Easy - (???) Evolution - (LP) (MANY 1985) Mirage - (American Disco, 1986) Money Runner - (American Disco, 1987) Pictures - (American Disco, 1987) Plus Plus - (???) Pictures Of Old Days (LP) - (???) Man To Man - (American Disco, 1987) Take Me Up (house vesion) - (1989) Delirio Mind'89 (house vesion) - (1989) Best Of Scotch (LP) - (ZYX Records, ???)

History of Savage

Real Name: Roberto Zanetti

Savage is an artistic pseudonym of Roberto Zanetti (born in 1956) - the composer, vocalist, producer and also businessman all in one person. His debut on the artistic scene took place in the end of '70s. when he was part of the group called Santarosa (one of the most famous track by this group was "Souvenir"). From the early '80s he decided to pursue his solo career. His first Italo records were by the group he established called Taxi: "to Miami" and "Kapsi cum". He produced these tracks by himself and released them in 1983 under the stage name Stargo. In the end of 1983 he recorded under the stage name we well know him right now: Savage his smash SLEAZY-ENERGY hit "Don't Cry Tonight" that become a Huge track all over the Europe and remixed endless times. The popularity of this track was so big that he decided to follow the success and in the same year recorded his next track in the same style called "Only You". This song became a a classic of low beat Italo-Disco sound and is now part of any serious DJs playing HIGH-ENERGY. His first album "Tonight" was also a tremendous success followed by singles like "Radio", "Time", "A Love Again", "Celebrate", "Love Is Death". In 1989 he recorder track "I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight" (a Hi-Nrg version of the classic techno-pop song, originally released by the group Cutting Crew). Also in 1989 he released album with his greatest hits. In 1994 he released album "Strangelove". This album contained a number of remixes of his older songs and four mixes of "Strangelove" (originally composed by Depeche Mode). .The last single released by Savage was "Don't You Want Me" that appeared on his own label Dance World Attack Records (DWA) in 1994. This track was not present in above mentioned album. Roberto Zanetti is also a producer (his pseudonym is Robyx). Robyx didn't only produced his own records but also songs performed by other artists. e.g. Claudio Mingardi "Star" (1984), Tango "Computerised Love" (1986) or Lena "Run To Me" (1987), and Wilson Ferguson "Show Me" (1989). He also has written and produced one of know italo-track by Rose: "Magic Carillon" (1983) .One of the most known artists is Ice MC, for whom he wrote and produced mega hits like "It's A Rainy Day", "Think About The Way", "Take Away The Colours" and many other songs. Roberto Zanetti is also producing songs for Raimunda Navarro ("Jesahel", "C.I.A.O"), and Double You ("Please Don't Go", "We All Need Love", "Part Time Lover", "Run To Me", "Loving You", Alexia and many others well known artists). Zanetti has also released some instrumental compositions in Space Dance or Dream House style. One of the pseudonims he was using at that time was Walt 93. Singles: Don't Cry Tonight - (MIX 133) (Discomagic, 1983) Don't Cry Tonight - (Best Nr 5081) (ZYX, 1983) Only You/Turn Around - (MIX 195) (Discomagic, 1984) Radio/A Love Again - (MIX 215) (Discomagic, 1984) Radio/Reggae Radio - (MIX 219) (Discomagic, 1984) A Love Again (Remix)/Fugitive - (MIX 223) (Discomagic, 1984) Time - (MIX 257) (Discomagic, 1985) Celebrate - (EM 104) (Emergent, 1986) Love Is Death - (MIX 292) (Discomagic, 1986) I'm Loosing You - (MIX 342) (Discomagic, 1988) So Close - (MIX 346) (Discomagic, 1988) I'm Loosing You (Remix) - (MIX 347) (Discomagic, 1988) Don't Cry Tonight ( '89 Remix) - (MIX 349) (Discomagic, 1989) Good-Bye - (MIX 355) (Discomagic, 1989) I Just Died In Your Arms - (EURO 2806) (Euroenergy, 1989) Don't Leave Me - (EURO 2809) (Euroenergy, 1990) Something/Strangelove - (???) (DWA/Extravaganza, 1993) Don't You Want Me - (DWA 01.41) (DWA/Extravaganza, 1994) Don't Cry Tonight/Only You (Remixes) - (???) (DWA/Extravaganza, 1994) Roberto Zanetti also released singles with following groups: Taxi - "To Miami" (Harmony Music 83) Joey Moon - "Angelica" (Harmony 83) Stargo - "Capsicum" (Flashback records 83) Kamillo - "Buenas Noches" (Discomagic 83) Claudio Mingardi - "Star" (Best records 84) Stargo - "Live Is Life/Capsicum" (new versions) (Stargo records 85) Wilson Ferguson - "Show Me" (Euro Energy Records, 1989) Tango - "Computerised Love" (1986) Lena - "Run To Me" (1987) Albums: Tonight - (MIX 213) (Discomagic, 1984) Only You/Turn Around - (???) (Discomagic, 1984) Maxi Singles - (MIX 305) (Discomagic, 1987) Greatest Hits - (2807) (Euroenergy, 1989) More Greatest Hits and More - (IS-CD-001) (Inter Sonus - Poland, 1990) More Greatest Hits and Remixes - (SON 29) (Sonic - Poland, 1990) Don't Cry Greatest Hits - (???) (DWA/Extravaganza, 1994)

History of Ryan Paris

Real Name: Fabio Roscioli

Ryan Paris is an italian singer and composer who sings in English, French, German and Italian. His musical experience has been encouraged and inspired from a very early stage on by his grandfather who has been a known lyric singer. Ryan spent his youth in Rome where also founded his first band during his last years at school. In 1981-82 he stayed in New York with shows as a singer and guitarplayer. In 1983 he return to Europe and achievement of a worldwide success with the song "Dolce Vita". He sold more then 5 mill. Records all over the world (n. 1 all over Europe and in the "Dance Disco" in the USA, also n. 1 in Japan). During this year Ryan made more than 50 TV-shows in Europe and BBC London made his first video clip in Paris. In 1984 over 180.000 copies sold in France of "Fall in Love" and Top ten in Spain. In 1985 BMG Italy signed Ryan Paris and released the single "Paris on my mind". 1986. Succesfull tours and Tv appareances in France, Belgium and Spain. In 1988 Participation and performance with Al Jarreau and Stanley Clark's musician and "Live Rock Festival" in USA-Portland. In 1989 Return to Europe (Amsterdam) where he started to work with Ben Liebrand (the most famous dutch DJ) at the remix of "Dolce Vita" and again Top 20 in Holland with good sales results all over Europe - more than 500.000 copies of the remix in Holland, Germany, France, Belgium etc.. In 1991 Establishment of his own studio recording. 1992-93 "Dont let me down" with Sony France-top 50 in France and release in Germany. 1999. Actually Ryan Paris lives in Frankfurt (Germany) and is on work to a remake of "Dolce vita 99", which will be coproduced and remixed by the well known italian stars DJ Dado and DJ Discoking. Releases: Dolce Vita - (1983) Fall in Love - (1984) Paris on my mind - (BMG, 1985) Dolce Vita (remix) - (1989) Dont let me down - (1992/93) Dolce Vita '99 - (1999)

History of Miko Mission

Real Name: Pier Michele Bozzetti

Info: Bozzetti is one of the best voices of Italian Dance. He started in this style in 1984 and is still recording with the pseudonyms Miko Mission, making HIGH-ENERGY and "covers"(remake versions) of Dance classic Hits. Releases: Starman - (FTD, 1983) How old are you - (1984) The world is you - (1984) Two for love - (1985) Strip tease - (1986) Toc toc toc/I Like A Woman's Heart - (1987) I believe - (1988) One step to heaven - (SAAR srl/Blow Up, 1989) Rock me round the world - (Discomagic, 1989) I can fly - (1994) How old are you (remake) - (1989)

History of Mike Mareen

Mike Mareen was born on November, 9th 1949 in Berlin (West Germany). First, he was a drummer, but later he was the singer of the group Cemetery Institution (non-disco) and performed in Hamburg?s legendary 'Star Club', where The Beatles used to play in their beginnings. Then he became a sailor, went to New York and spent some years there. Back in Germany again, he released his biggest success hit "Love Spy" in 1986, followed by "Dancing In The Dark" and "Agent Of Liberty", a great disco track as well. In the same year Mike released his first album entitled: "Dance Control". After one year later in 1987 he released his second album called: "Let's Start Now". This album included his new super-hit: "Don't Talk To The Snake". Both albums were released by well-known Germany Label Zyx Records. Apart of Mike Mareen, he also sang using pseudonyms like Amadeus Liszt with such smash hits like: "Win The Race" and "The Devil Win", but his successful career have been with the Mike Mareen releases. Mike like many disco artists has wrote and produced tracks released by other artists. He produced hit like: "Birthday Girl" by ITALO-DISCO star Dj's Project. In 1997 DJ Shah & Espirito by Label Zyx Records released new remix his song: "Dancing in the Dark". Releases: Love Spy - (Night'N'Day, 1986) Germany Love Spy - (ZYX 5515R, 1986) Germany Dancing In The Dark - (ZYX, 1986) Germany Dance Control (LP) - (ZYX, 1986) Germany Agent Of Liberty - (ZYX 5567, 1986) Germany Agent Of Liberty - (Lollipop, 1987) Germany Love Spy (The Badman Mix) - (Night'N'Day, 1987) Germany Love Spy (Night Mix) - (Night'N'Day, 1987) Germany Don't Talk To The Snake - ( ZYX 5721, 1987 ) Germany Stand Up - ( ZYX 5721, 1987) Germany Let's Start Now (LP) - (ZYX, 1987) Germany Lady Ecstasy/Heavy Water - (ZYX 5985, 1988) Germany Win The Race - (ZYX-5601, 1987) Germany (as Amadeus Liszt) La Donna/Only Time - (Night'N'Day, 1988) Germany (as Amadeus Liszt) The Devil Wins - (ZYX, 1989) Germany (as Amadeus Liszt) Sprint - (ZYX, 1989) Germany (as Amadeus Liszt) Right Into My Heart - (ZYX, 1989) Germany Dancing In The Dark/Love Spy - (ZYX 2038, 1996) Germany Dancing In The Dark (Remix) - (ZYX, 1997) Germany

History of Max Mix

The mix history in Spain begin in 1985, when a young dance label called Max Music released the first mix record made in Spain, mixed by Mike Platinas and Javier Uss?a (champions of the 1st national Discomix concourse). This first volume included some of the first records licensed in Spain by Max Music (Miko Mission "How old are you", Ric Fellini "Welcome to Rimini", Viola Wills "Gonna get along", Fenix "Talk about", Kim Fields "He loves me", Weeks & Co. "Rock your world"), and the success obteined convinced this company to release the second volum (also during 1985), including hits of Scotch ("Disco band", "Take me up", "Delirio mind"), Silver Pozzoli ("Around my dream"), David Lyme ("Let's go to Sitges") and Miko Mission ("The world is you"), between others. This was the last record made by Mike Platinas and Javier Uss?a for Max Music, though Mike Platinas made also a medley with the Miko Mission hits How old are you and The world is you,called Megamiko Mission, that was not finally released. In 1986, Max Music decided to contract two young and promising discjockeys (Tony Peret and Josep Mar?a Castells), to mix the next volume of the series. Max Mix 3 were the first volume released as double LP (one of the records included the Mix/Megamix versions, and inside the other were included the single versions of the songs). It appeared in summer'86, mixing some italo and germanbeat classics (David Lyme "Bambina", R.Bais "Dial my number", Torrevado "Living in the shuttle", Eugene "Livin' in your love", Grant Miller "Colder than ice", Silver Pozzoli "Step by step"...). This is, in my opinion, the best volume, and one of the best mixes ever made in Spain. The great hit obtained by Max Mix 3 were followed by the incredible hit of Max Mix 4. It included some of the 1986 dance classics: "Easy lady" (Spagna), "Playboy" (David Lyme), "U.S.S.R." (Eddy Hungtinton), "Dolce vita" (Kristian Conde), "He's number one" (Fantasy), "Bad dreams" (Alan Cook), "Geil" (Bruce & Bongo), a version of M.C.Miker Jay & D.J.Sven's "Holiday Rap" sung by Tony Peret and Josep Mar?a Castells, and others, as "From you to me", by Silver Pozzoli, just included in the compilation. Max Mix 4 was number one in sellings, and with it started a true fever for the mix records in Spain. This volume was sold in a box including both LP's and a kit of DJ tools, with a little book within Peret & Castells introduced the mix fans into the mixes world: in this book, they related the history of mix records, and showed the mechanisms to make all sort of mixes. Some fans -I was one- began to make mixes at home thanks to the diffusion obtained by this record; some current big DJ's started to make mixes then... 1987 was one of the most important dates in the history of Mix in Spain; a lot of classics were released in that year, and Tony Peret & Josep Mar?a Castells were not an exception to this activity: together with their work as DJ's, they started to produce dance artists for Max Music and performed in TV. Besides all this, they made more records for their company: Dolce Vita Mix, and two new volumes of the Max Mix series. In June'87 were released the Max Mix 5 (1st part), followed in August by the Max Mix 5 (2nd part). This second part had been traditionally judged as best than the first one, though both (a total of four records) were hits during that summer. The best tracks included in were, possibly: Laser Dance "Power run", Michael Bedford "More than a kiss", Mel & Kim "Showing out", Communards "Don't leave me this way", David Lyme "I don't wanna lose you",and L.I.F.E. "You're all played out" (in the 1stpart. Company B "Fascinated", Kool & the Gang "Fresh", Italian boys "Forever lovers", David Lyme "Bye bye mi amor", Morgana "Ready for love",and Michael Fortunati "Into the night", in the 2nd. In the winter of 1987 were not released any volume, probably because of the saturation of mixes in that moment: during the 1987 Christmas, the music scene in Spain were full of mix records, as: Dondisco Mix 2, Discjockey Mix 3, Grindy Disco Mix, Bolero Mix 2, Dance Dance Dance Mix, Dolce Vita Mix -by T.Peret & J.MaCastells-... Therefore, the sixth volume appeared in summer'88. This was the one released as triple LP; the first record included (as usually) the Megamix and Mix versions, and the second and third, the 12'' versions of the songs. The tracks were so different, reflecting so many styles: Italo/Hi-Nrg (Macho Gang "Naughty boy", Tom Hooker "Feeling Okay", David Lyme "Never say you love me", Ceejay "A little love"). Italo House (49ers "Die walkurie"). Eurodance pop (Kylie Minogue "I should be so lucky", Mel & Kim "That's the way it is")... Curiously, there was also relased an special edition made, by the same DJ's, for being licensed in Germany. This one had, exactly, the same cover of the original edition, but golden-coloured; it was published by the german label ZYX Records, as a simple LP, and there was some cuts specially mixed for their inclussion in the record, with the next songs: "West End girls (Remix)" (Pet shop boys), "Dragons Legend" (Koto), "Hot girl" (Sabrina) , "Theme from S-Express" (S-Express). Obviously, this record were sold as import 12'' in Spain; it was quite curious... The next volume came out during the winter'88, with the hits of Club House ("Yeke yeke medley I'm a man"), Funhouse ("Dancin' easy"), Yazz and the Plastic Population ("The only way is up"), Yello ("The race"), Alan Cook ("I need somebody to love tonight"), Silver ("Let me be your love")... This record shows clearly the evolution of the dance music at the end of the 80's decade: listening to the Megamix version, you can note esentially two very different styles: some Stock-Aitken-Waterman-like songs (Steve Clark, Alan Cook, Silver...), and the housy-style of Funhouse, S-Express, Yello... The Max Mix 8, born in the middle of the Acid invasion (summer'89), followed this tendency. It included: Inner City "Good life" Joe Smooth "Promised Land" The Todd Terry Project "Weekend" Westbam "Monkey say monkey do" Tragic Error "Tanzen" Turntable Orchestra "You're gonna miss me" Humanoid "Stakker humanoid" Paula Abdul "Straigh up" Kool Rock Steady "Lets's get hiped" Julian Jumpin P?rez "Stand by me" The Max Mix 8 is, clearly, the strangest volume of the series, tough with a quite similar style to other Peret & Castells production: Acid Mix (1989).

History of Laser Dance

Real Name: Michael Van Der Kuy and Eric Van Vliet

Info: Laserdance was founded in 1983 by two dutch men: Michael Van Der Kuy and Eric Van Vliet. In the same year they released single called "Laserdance". This one was produced by Eric Van Vliet and belgian producer Fonny De Wulf.Their first LP was released in 1987 and was called "Future Generation". Unfortunately it didn't contained the first single. But it was rather popular and allowed to start independent label: for Michael it was Made Up Records and also his own publishing company Hot Cargo Music and for Eric - Hotsound Records. Their labels made many good releases, including Gina, Kozmoz, Proxyon, Daylight, Koto (not all), Sisley Ferre, Syntech and many others. After their first album they released about one album per year. All their albums came out under Hotsound label. In 1989 Michael Van Der Kuy also made some music for Koto, Hipnosis and Cyber People, and also released new albums (Koto, Hipnosis and Cyber People was acts from well-known italian label: Memory Records, but they didn't do them in this case). So these great projects became popular again: Hipnosis with LP "Lost Memory's". Cyber People with LP "The Return Of The Cyber People". Koto with LPs "Masterpieces", "Koto Plays World Synthesizer Hits", "Koto Plays Science Fiction Movie Themes", "From The Dawn Of Time". Singles: Humanoid Invasion - (ZYX Records 5479, 1986) Future Generation - (ZYX Records, 1987) Powerrun (remix) (Hotsound productions HS 8711, 1987) Around The Planet - (ZYX Records, 1988) Discovery Trip - (ZYX Records, 1989) Changing Times - (Hotsound, 1990) Ambiente - (Hotsound, 1991) The Maxi CD Collection - (ZYX Records, 1991) Technological Mind - (Hotsound, 1992) Hypermagic - (Hotsound, 1993) Fire On Earth - (Hotsound, 1994) Orchestra vol. 1. - (Hotsound, 1994) Orchestra vol. 2. - (Hotsound, 1994) Guardian Of Forever - (Hotsound, 1995) The 12" Mixes - (ZYX Records, 1995) Albums: Future Generation - (Galaxis CD 9027, 1987) Around The Planet - (Galaxis CD 9078, 1989) The Best Of LaserDance - (Hotsound, 1992) Hypermagic - (Hotsound HS 9300, 1993) Ambiente - (???) Discovery Trip - (???) Changing Times - (???) Technological Mind - (1992) The Guardian Of Forever - (1995) - Strikes Back (2000)
History of KOTO

K.O.T.O, the talent musician has been called the "Poet Of The Dancefloor". He loves to spend all his time in studios and on tour, so it is no coincidence that he was very popular at the age of twenty seven.
His main influence has been the music of the far east and the rhythm of the Po-Delta. This inspired hid early productions such as "Chinese Revenge" and "Japanese War Game". It all started at a very young age when he played in piano bars where he soon picked up a large following. This was where he made his first contact with "Memory Records" who gave him his chance to make it big in the thriving "Italo Disco Scene". He proved his case with the single "Visitors" and continued his huge success with the follow up "Jabdah" and "Dragons Legend".
He is not just a composer, he is also an excellent stage musician. He can play four instruments at once, including working the keyboard computer with his feet !!!
Koto was originally founded by A.Maiola and S.Cundari.
In 1988 Michiel Van Der Kuy start to make music for Koto and he continued the success with "Time", "Mind Machine" and "Acknowledge" ...
In august year 2001 the original producer A. Maiola strikes back with his new single

History of Ken Laszlo

Real Name: Ken Laszlo

Info: Even since he was a little boy, Ken had a special talent for music. He also learned to play the flute and graduated from the academy of music. When Ken was fifteen, he began his training as a musician by singing and playing in discoteques and clubs. Laszlo had his first big success in 1984. His songs "Hey, Hey Guy", "Tonight", "Don't Cry", etc. were not only the biggest hits in Europe but also in Asia and in Venezuela. Laszlo sold more than 1.000.000 of copies his records ! In 1988 he released his first album called "Ken Laszlo" . His second album was released in Poland by Snake's Music company and came out in 1994 and was called "Come Back". His newest single: "Love Things" (duet with Jenny) is a brand new track composed by M.Farina, A.Bindella and F.Serra: , taken from his new album "Dr. Ken & Mr. Laszlo" released by 21st Century Records company in 1998. Releases: Hey, Hey Guy - (Memory Records, 1984) Don't Cry Tonight - (Memory Records, 1984) Tonight - (Memory Records, 1985) Tonight (remix) - (Memory Records, 1986) 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 - (Memory Records, 1987) Glasses Man - (Memory Records, 1987) Red Man/Black Pearl - (Memory Records, 1988) Ken Laszlo (LP) - (Memory Records, 1988) Madame - (Memory Records, 1989) Hey, Hey Guy For Tonight - (Sunset Records, 1989) Mary Ann - (Radiorama Productions, 1992) Babe Call Me - (Radiorama Productions, 1992) Everybody is Dancing - (???) Love Will Never Be The Same Without You - (???) Hapy Song - (???) Come Back (LP) - (Snake's Music, 1994) Everytime - (21st Century Records, 1994) Tonight '95 - (21st Century Records, 1994) What A Lonely Night (duet with Jenny) - (21st Century Records, 1996) Whatever Love (duet with Jenny) - (21st Century Records, 1996) Video Killed The Radio Star (duet with Jenny) - (21st Century Records, 1997) When I Fall In Love - (21st Century Records, 1997) Summer Nights (duet with Jenny) - (21st Century Records, 1998) Love Things (duet with Jenny) - (21st Century Records, 1998) Hey, Hey Guy 2000 - (21st Century Records, 1998) E-Mail Box - (???) Dr. Ken & Mr. Laszlo (LP) - (21st Century Records, 1998)

History of Joe Yellow

Real Name: Domenico Ricchini

Info: Domenico started recording with the producers Roberto Turatti and Miki Chieregato in 1983. Afterwards, in 1985, Yoe was yet produced by Mauro Farina and Giuliano Crivellente, probably the best producers of Italo-Disco. In 1983,he recorded "Hookey" with the pseudonym Silvy Foster. This was one of the mythic hits in the first years of Italo Disco on "Studio 54", the most important discoteque of Barcelona - the place of Spain where the Italian Dance had been always more succesfull during 80's. Releases: Lover to lover - (Hole Records, 1983) Take my heart - (Discomagic, 1984) Recollection - (FTD Records, 1985) Love at first - (Power, 1985) I'm your lover - (1985/86) Easy lovers - (Discomagic, 1988) Lover to lover (medley - Take my heart) / Love at first (medley - I'm your lover) - (Discomagic, 1988) Runner - (Discomagic, 1988) I'm your lover (LP) - (Discomagic, 1988) Wild boy - (Discomagic, 1989) Synchronization Of Love - (Discomagic, 1989) Last Call - (High Energy, 1991) U.S.A. - (Eurobeat, 1992) Lover to lover - (1996) (techno dream version) Not all of these were sung by Joe Yellow himself. Probably his real voice can only be heard on the first three songs and "Synchronization Of Love". Mauro Farina sang most of the songs plus "Last Call's vocalist was Robert Camero. Domenico Ricchini was also behind many other songs too, for example: Divina - "Baby Blue" - (Lombardoni Publishings, 1985) Divina - "Hot Stuff Fever" - (Lombardoni, 1986) Garrasco's - "Love Sex For Sale" - (FDT, 1986) Joe Garrasco & M.M. - "Action" - (OUT, 1986) (new version of "Love Sex For Sale")

History of I.Spagna

Real Name: Ivana Spagna

Info: Ivana Spagna began her career in 1983 performing in the duo Fun Fun. This duo became famous thanks to the hits such as: "Happy Station" ," Colour My Love" (1983) and "Baila Bolero" (1986). Spagna performed also as Hot Cold with hits: "Love Is Like A Game" (1985) and "I Can Hear Your Voice" (1986). She was known also as: Mirage and Ivonne Kay. However she began performing as Spagna in 1986. In October 1986 she released a hit single "Easy Lady", which was on the 12-th place of German hit chart. Her second single released in August 1987 "Call Me" was the 2-nd hit on UK chart and gained a title of 'summer hit'. This song was very similar to"Easy Lady" and it was the most popular italian song in Germany holding the 10-th place on the chart during two weeks time. In August 1987 Spagna released some more fabulous singles: "Dance Dance Dance", " So Easy" or "Every Girl and Boy". During two years she was one of the most successful Italo Disco artists. In the same year Spagna released her first album entitled: "Dedicated To The Moon". After one year later in 1988 she released his second album called: "You Are My Energy". Both albums were released by German Label Cbs Records. Spagna like many disco artists wrote and produced tracks released by other artists. She produced hit "Rainy Day" by ITALO-DISCO star Brando. In 1997 label Sony Music EPC released a new album / compilation by Spagna entitled: "Best Of The Best". This album contains 16 songs with many of hits we know Spagna from. Releases: Happy Station - (Teldec, 1983) Germany (as Fun Fun) Happy Station - (X-Energy, 1983) (as Fun Fun) Colour My Love - (X-Energy, 1983) (as Fun Fun) Colour My Love - (X-Energy, 1984) (as Fun Fun) Give Me Your Love - (Teldec, 1985) (as Fun Fun) Give Me Your Love - (X-Energy, 1985) (as Fun Fun) Baila Bolero - (ZYX, 1986) USA (as Fun Fun) Baila Bolero - (X-Energy, 1987) (as Fun Fun) The Best Of (LP) - (ZYX 20203-2, 1991) Germany (as Fun Fun) Love Is Like A Game - (THICK, 1985) (as Hot Cold) I Can Hear Your Voice - (IL DISC, 1986) (as Hot Cold) Easy Lady - (Simple Records, 1986) Italy Easy Lady - (Cbs Records, 1986) Germany Easy Lady ( Club Remix) - (Cbs Records, 1986) Holland Call Me - (Cbs Records, 1987) Germany Sarah - (Cbs Records, 1987) Germany Every Girl And Boy - (Cbs Records, 1987) Germany Every Girl And Boy (Rmx) - (Cbs Records, 1987) Germany I Wanna Be Your Wife (Rmx) - (Cbs Records, 1987) Germany Dance Dance Dance - (Cbs Records, 1987) Germany So Easy (Lp-Version) - (Cbs Records, 1987) Germany Dedicated To The Moon - (Cbs Records, 1987) Germany Dedicated To The Moon (LP) - (Cbs Records, 1987) Holland Spagna I Wanna Be Your Wife - (Cbs Records, 1988) Germany You Are My Energy (LP) - (Cbs Records, 1988) England No Way Out - (1991) Matter Of Time - (1993) Don't Go Away Tonight - (Sony Music, 1993) I Always Dream About You - (Sony Music, 1993) Why Me - (Sony Music, 1993) Best Of The Best (LP) - (Sony Music EPC, 1997)

History of Gazebo

Real Name: Paul Mazzolini

Info: Poul Mazzolini, one of the most famous artists of Italo-dance genre was born in Beirut on February 18, 1960. Because of his father being diplomat, as a child he had the opportunity to travel all over the world. His father had also an inpact on Paul education. He taught him 5 languages. Paul's music talent probably has been given to him with mother's genes. Sonia, his mother was a singer. In 1975 Paul finally settled down in Italy, where after three years he graduated . In 1978 he moved to London where he created several bands and made his final life decision to stay professionally with the music. He came back to Italy in 1981. In Rome he met a DJ that agreed to produced the song Paul written with his friend Pierluigi Giombini who composed the music. This song was entitled "Masterpiece". This one became his first hit and immediate success not only in entire Europe but also in the world. In 1983 he signed with Baby Records and released with this label his first album entitled "Gazebo". This album contained his next huge hit called "I Like Chopin". This particular song representing ENERGY-SLEAZE style overgrew the "Masterpiece". 8 millions copies of this track as single was sold in many countries: Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Belgium, Canada, Japan, Portugal, Hong-Kong, Korea, Singapour, Turkey and topped ten in many other countries including U.K. "I Like Chopin" is now being considered a classic Italo-Dance and still is appearing in new compilations labeled as "The Best Of Italo-Dance". Very often played along with similar in style "Don't Cry" or "Only You" by Savage. His next album "Telephone Mama" was released one year later in 1984. This album diversed from an original Gazebo style, yet was a big seller. In 1985 he joined the army. After being released from that duty he established his own label: Lunatic S.r.l. This new label allowed him more freedom in creating the music not necessary being a mainstream of music production in Italy at that time. In 1990 he created another company called: Cresus Enterprises S.n.c. The company's goals were to integrate Lunatic by developing the publishing and the distribution of the products in Italy. Meanwhile Paul released another three albums: "Univision", the first owned by Lunatic "Rainbow Tales" , the first recorded at Lunatic Studios "Sweet Life", the first entirely written, produced and engineered by Paul himself. Interestingly this album contains a special version of a song Paul had co-wrote for Ryan Paris. The name of the song is "Dolce Vita" and became at the time a smash hit worldwide. Similar to "I Like Chopin" is now part of classic Italo-Dance sound. In 1991 Lunatic and Cresus released Paul's next album called: "Scenes from the News Broadcast". This was the first album that appeared on Lunatic Records. In 1997 both lunatic S.r.l. and Cresus Enterprises has merged and new company: Softworks S.n.c. was created. In 1997 Gazebo released the newest album called "Viewpoint". Singles: Masterpiece (Baby Records & Best 1982) Gimmick! (Baby Records 1982) I Like Chopin (Baby Records 1983) Love In Your Eyes (BabyRecords 1983) Lunatic (Baby Records 1983) "Telephone Mama" (Baby Records 1984) Trotsky Burger (Discomagic 86) Sun Goes Down On Milkyway (Discomagic 86) Give Me One Day.../Diamonds Are Forever (Carosello 87) Face To Face/Dolce Vita (Carosello 89) Fire (Lunatic 91) The 14th Of July (Lunatic 91) I Like Chopin remix (Baby 91) Albums: Gazebo (Baby Records, 1983) Telephone Mama (Baby Records, 1984) Univision (Carosello, 1986) The Rainbow Tales (Carosello, 1988) Sweet Life (Carosello, 1989) Scenes From The Broadcast (Lunatic, 1991) I Like Chopin - Best Of Gazebo (Jimco, 1991) - Japanese Release Greatest Hits (Baby Records, 1992) Classics (RCA Italiana 1994) Portrait (Giungla-BMG Italy, 1994) Viewpoint (Softworks, 1997)

History of Fred Ventura

Real Name: Federico di Bonaventura

Info: Federico is one of the most popular singers and producers of Italo Disco. Apart of Fred Ventura,he also sang using pseudonyms like Flexx,but his succesful career have been with the Fred Ventura releases. Releases: Zeit (1984) The years (go by) (1985) Leave me alone (Time Records, 1985) Night and day (Time Records, 1986) Wind of change (Time Records,1986) Leave me alone (Time Records,1986) Night an day (Time Records,1987) Imagine (Time Records,1987) Heartbeat (Time Records,1988) Lost in Paris (Time Records,1988) The years (go by) Remix'88" (Time Records,1988) One day (Time Records,1989) East & West (LP, Time Records, 1989) It's my time (Time Records,1989) You'll Never Change (???) (as Flexx)

History of Eddy Huntington

Eddy Huntington was born on 29 October 1965 in England. His father worked in coal-mine and mother was a house-wife. His parents wanted Eddy to be a doctor or a priest, but his plans were connected with music. When Eddy was seventeen years old he started work in the shop with the music records. When he was 20 he's gone to London, where he's been working for several years in various discoteques as a DJ. With the money he earned, he paid for the dance-course in the well-known studio "Pineapple". In the meantime Eddy has been working as a model, as well. During one of his shows he met Robero Turatti, Den Harrow's producer. His greatest hits are: "U.S.S.R.", "Up and Down", "Phisical Attraction" and "May Day". He released the only one album titled: "Bang Bang Baby" in 1989. He also released his own version of Den Harrow's song "Meet My Friend". Releases: U.S.S.R. - (Esquire Records, 1986) Italy Up and Down - (1986) Meet My Friend - (Esquire Records SQ 57509, 1987) Italy Meet My Friend - (ZYX Records 5688, 1987) Germany May Day - (Esquire Records, 1988) Italy Phisical Attraction - (1989) Bang Bang Baby - (1989) Hey Senorita - (1989) Bang Bang Baby (LP) - (1989)

History of Den Harrow

Real Name:
Manuel Stefano Carry

Manuel Stefano Carry was born on June 04, 1962 in Boston, Massachusetts (USA) where his father worked as an architect. As a 7 year old child he learnt how to play piano and guitar. He moved to Italy when he was 4 or 5. His parents divorced, so he (as well as his sister and brother) stayed with his mother. At home they always spoke Italian; so, in spite of the fact that he was born in USA, he had some troubles with English at school. During his high school years (Milan, Italy) he was further developing interest in music. Also at that time he started to attending the judo and bodybuilding club - Club Sportivo. As an 18 years old teenboy he also attended the breakdance school.
From early age he knew that he wanted to be a part of showbusiness. His good look and very well defined body he gained in the sport club paid off. He was discovered as a photomodel and it was the first step toward fulfilling that dream. Soon after he met Roberto Turatti who at that time was a DJ in "American Disaster" a discoteque in Milan. Turatti and Miki Chieregato became his producers and their goal was to make Manuel a star. At that time also his artistic pseudonym was choosen: Den Harrow. This name originated from Italian word: denaro that stands for nomen omen: money.
Den was preparing himself to storm dance floor. He took extensive vocal lessons. His two first songs: "To Meet Me" and "A Taste Of Love" became quite popular in South European countries, but for real success he had to wait until 1985. This year became a milestone for his career. He released his first official single "Future Brain". His next singles: "Bad Boy", "Charleston" and "Catch The Fox" made him one of the most beloved disco star in Europe. In 1986 he was a recipient of SILVER OTTO, a prestigious award from the biggest and most popular German music magazine: BRAVO. In 1987 he got GOLDEN OTTO. In 1988 he ranked with BRAVO on 4 place and in 1989 on 9. Also in 1987 he released so far the biggest hit: "Don't Break My Heart" that became number 1 in Germany and topped hit lists in 5 other European countries. When he sung that song in Peters Popshow concert in Westfalenhalle (Dortmund, Germany) he caused a massive hysteria. This song is now a part of Classic Italo-Disco sound.
Many factors were part of Den Harrow success: his music, his look and his clothes. The most famous European cloth designers were creating his fashionable and interesting outfits. Not in every song of Den Harrow was singing himself. In most cases his hits were song by Tom Hooker that was also produced by duo Turatti & Chieregato. Den Harrow's first real live tournee that started from Italy took place in 1987. This tournee as well as his album "Lies" a record in which Den Harrow started to sing with another voice started the rumour that Den Harrow doesn't sing his song. Not the first time nor the last time in music industry happens that voice and look does not necessary match the same artist. Manuel still believes that he can sing, he went to England to further master his voice. Beside "Lies" he released three other albums: "Overpower" (1985), "Day By Day" (1987) and recently (1996) in ONE WAY Records album "I,Den" that contains many of his previosuly releases tracks updated to present sound.
Currently he is working with Mauro Farina and one of his label ONE WAY Records. He already recorded several new tracks: "Take Me", "The Universe of Love" and "I Feel You". Also Farina's Factory Team remixed some of his old production (for instance "To Meet Me").
• To Meet Me (ZYX, 1983, IND: 12" 5079, ZYX, 1994, IND: 5"CD GDC 2028-
• A Taste Of Love (Carre, 1984, IND: 12" 821 618-1)
• Mad Desire (FL, 1985, IND:7" 14229, Tycoon IND: 7" 6.14307, 12": 6.20403)
• Future Brain (Baby Records, 1985, IND: (GE) 7" 107469, 12": 601812, (IT) 7" 50342, 12": 54059,)
• Bad Boy (Baby Records, 1985, IND: (GE) 7" 107877, 12": 602141, (IT) 7" 50348, 12": 54063)
• Charleston (Baby Records, 1986, IND: (GE) 7" 108157, 12": 608157, (IT) 7" 50349, 12": 54067)
• Catch The Fox (Baby Records, 1986, IND: (GE) 7" 108581, 12": 608581, (IT) 7" 50363, 12": 54077)
• To Meet Me (Hurricane hit mix), (ZYX, 1986, IND: 12" 5417)
• Overpower (Baby Records, 1986, IND: (IT) 12": 54064)
• Don't Break My Heart (Baby Records, 1987, IND: (GE) 7" 108982, 12": 608982, (IT) 7" 50370, 12": 54082)
• Tell Me Why (Baby Records, 1987, IND: (GE) 7" 109209, 12": 609209, (IT) 7" 50375, 12": 54083)
• Day By Day (Baby Records, 1988, IND: 7" 109405, 12": 609405)
• Born To Love (Baby Records, 1988, IND: 7" 109817, 12": 609817)
• You Have A Way (Baby Records, 1988, IND: 7" 111726, 12": 611726, 5"CD 661 726)
• Holiday Night (Baby Records, 1989, IND: 7" 112409, 12": 612409, 5"CD 662409, 3"CD 162409)
• Take Me Back (Baby Records, 1989, IND: 5"CD 662884)
• Den's House Mix - (1990)
• Ocean (Discomagic, 1991, 12": 550)
• Real Big Love (Polydor, 1992, IND: 7" 863 844, 5"CD 863 845-2)
• All I Want Is You (Polydor, 1992, IND: 7" 865 508, 5"CD 865 509-2)
• Take Me (ZYX, 1994, IND: 12": 7179-12, 5"CD 7179-
• The Universe Of Love (ZYX, 1994, IND: 12": 7529-12, 5"CD 7529-
• I Need A Lover, 1995
(GE) - German release, (IT) - Italian release

Real Name: Giancarlo Pasquini Aleph

Info: Pasquini started his known career back in 80's with huge popularity gained mostly in Japan where he is popular also nowadays. His first song with more worldwide success was released in 1985 track "Fly To Me" written by Mauro Farina, M. Manzi and D. Bellini and produced by Giacomo Maiolini from TIME Records. This particular song contributed to TIME Records success, the label that become recognized not only in Japan but worldwide. In 1990 Aleph established his own label ABeat C. Pretty much unknown in Europe these days because it specializing in releasing Eurobeat records mostly to Asia and Japanes market. It is sad because this genre itself that was a basis for eurodance. He is the author of most tracks released by AbeatC. Pasquini is using several pseudonyms. We know him mostly as Aleph but he also uses Dave Rogers and Dr Money. He still performs in live. His shows can be seen in Japan (unfortunately only there). Under Aleph he released in 1997 two singles: "Let The Music Play" and Generation Of Love". As Dave Rodgers for instant singles like: "Milan, Milan, Milan", "Boom Boom Japan" and several others. Releases: In Your Eyes - (Caravell, 1984) Fly To Me - (TIME Records, 1985) Fly To Me - Remix (TIME Records, 1986) Fire On The Moon - (TIME Records, 1986) I'm In Danger - (TIME Records, 1987) Big Brother - (TIME Records, 1988) Black Out/Fly To Me - (TIME Records, 1988) Just For Love - (TIME Records, 1988) Check it up/Megamix I - (TIME Records, 1988) Black Out - (LP) (TIME Records, 1988) Bad Power - (TIME Records, 1989) Hero - (TIME Records, 1989) Doctor - (1990) Take My Life - (TIME Records, 1990) Break Away/Megamix II - (TIME Records, 1990) Take My Life - (LP) (TIME Records, 1990) Let The Music Play - (1997) Generation Of Love - (1997) Never Let Me Down - (???) TMN Song Meets Disco Style (as Dave Rodgers)

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..one of the "voice" for Den Harrow..

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Voices for Fun Fun..

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History of Italo singers and his true&realy names
Тогда уж "...their true&really names"

Сумерки тихо приходят, растворяются в душе. О прошедшем слухи бродят, словно призраки уже...
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IrishElk писал(а):
History of Italo singers and his true&realy names
Тогда уж "...their true&really names"

::smile24.gif:: Thanx

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And another Den Harrow voice

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She give voice for V.Dore,Scotch and Digital Game(back vocal)..

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..and another..

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..and another "voice" for Den..

Posted after 2 minutes 6 seconds:

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