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Twenty-fifth anniversary Alone album

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Alone ,Prelude to the Modern Talking world ...

Alone is the eighth studio album released by Modern Talking, and their second after their 1998 reunion. It was released on February the 19th, 1999 by Hansa Records, BMG. Two singles were released off this album "You're Not Alone" and "Sexy Sexy Lover", first one of which peaked at #7 and the second at No. 15 in Germany. The album Alone entered the German album chart at No. 1 on March 8, 1999 and spent four consecutive weeks at the top. After spending total of 27 weeks on the album chart, Alone eventually went platinum selling more than 500,000 units in Germany alone.

Platinum IFPI Europe 1 million
Platinum Germany 500,000+
And ...


Modern Talking 160 million record to first place in 17 countries in the years 1985-87.Best foreign groups in France and most successful two-person groups of all time.

Exposure in the Top 10 best groups alongside Elvis Presley and the Beatles ... Modern Talking Now 50 is the global market.

Even in the USA when the market last album Alone was very hard to believe that the most brilliant modern Talking with awards like World Music Award, Golden Bambi VIVA Comet, The Golden Europe, The Golden Camera is introduced.

There was only one Back ?.......... not! Back to the most interesting was the history of music ......

Interview 1999

160 million copies!. Many a golden page for you to receive this great figure?

-Dieter: about 600 700 units. A few years ago stole a number of crazy. Probably think they really have to be gold!

Once the television Wetten Dass !! .... You got another 400 gold. Perhaps you need a truck for transport ?

-Dieter: NO. Two. One for Thomas and one for me.!

How much is now writing songs for Modern Talking takes?
-Dieter: nine months, took it I wrote You Are Not Alone

9 months? With such a tone?
-Thomas: because this, like the previous songs may seem.
Modern Talking is something that was already.
Melody in music should anyone does find himself and to the emergence of any time is the same and continue with that.
Who will blame us. That does not trade (Business) is!

And all the people all the things that made the Modern Talking bought?
-Dieter: These were very good! But we also have our own law.
I tell you no one importance does not blather even if you have a king.
You Are Not Alone was successful but not because it was the name Modern Talking.
We succeeded the purpose of our progress.

2 years that you are with. There has been contentious between the two?
-Thomas: Not much. Sometimes we do not have the same beliefs. We still respect the time. Not like before.Now we'll talk about important issues and we find the solution. Problem past really is finished.

-Dieter: 13 years ago, the group name was "modern silence" because we together talking very low.
But in fact we were in good condition. Thomas deep in my heart always considered myself the Little Prince is and even I felt him die.

Day created this masterpiece to congratulate ...
Special Iranian Modern Talking Fan Club - Mr.Mohammad-Yadegari

Fly To The Moon By Modern Talking Music ...
Iranian ModernTalking Fan...!
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